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ReWare Planet was founded in 2006 and is capable of offering you a double expertize:

• Maintenance and Support Services under Data Center Environment (Servers, Storage Units, Network Infrastructures,…). You will benefit from our network of 120 technicians throughout the French territory.

• Handling your equipment to be recycled. Finding the best product value thanks to our International network of purchasers who are specialized in each category of equipment and managing your end-of-life products.

Hardware maintenance

ReWare Planet as an independent actor

ReWare Planet is an independent actor intervening on the French Market of support and maintenance for servers, storage units and network infrastructures.

ReWare Planet does not put forward any technical solution, is not associated to any supplier and which only aim is to meet the contract commitments defined with its clients.

On behalf of French and Foreign Clients, ReWare Planet operates throughout France, for any service requiring an on-site IT intervention.

Service Level Agreement

Reware Planet handles the on-site services on a Next Business Day basis and even on a 4 hours 7 days a week basis under specific conditions.
The contracts may be subscribed including the supplying of replacement parts or only for the on-site labour.

ReWare Planet is flexible and creative enough to adapt the contract that will meet each client’s requirement.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Partner of Maintenance Companies

ReWare Planet is the partner of Maintenance Companies in search of a reliable resource on the French territory.

ReWare Planet is equally comfortable as to carry out the Maintenance Contracts including diagnosis and first level support as to carry out the on-site intervention to replace one single part.

Support Services


Installing & Moving

ReWare Planet assists you in:

• The installation of new IT Equipment (physically into racks, integration on environment, O.S., etc)

• The moving of the IT Equipment from one rack to another, from one IT room to another and from one site to another.


Multi-site Installations

ReWare Planet handles the installations of the IT Equipment throughout the French territory, thanks to its network of 120 partners.

ReWare Planet is your project manager enabling you to have a unique interlocutor from beginning to end of the project.


Technical Audits & Inventories

ReWare Planet provides Technical Audit services for any of your needs such as auditing before restitution of equipment to your leaser, and inventories.

Please feel free to contact us for any need you might have.

Recycling Handling Deals


• In search of the best repurchase deals •

ReWare Planet benefits from an International network of IT Equipment potential purchasers interested in buying a single PC or the most complex network configurations.
We search and choose the best deals on your behalf, we put you in direct contact and assist you in the final choice that remains nevertheless your decision.

This is the best sale price guarantee and you benefit from our assistance throughout the sales process.

• Management of the End-of-Life Equipment •

ReWare Planet assists you in the management of your End-of-Life Equipment. This management should not be considered lightly because numerous undertakings can easily become potential problems such as follows:

• Centralization and inventory of the products,
• Wrapping,
• Safe erase of the disk data, smartphones, etc,
• Transfer of ownership in the event of sale for re-use,
• WEEE certificates in the event of dismantling,
• Depreciations after Audit from the re-purchaser who wants to re-buy your Equipment.

ReWare Planet is able to assist you according to different options up to a 100% handling of the deal on your behalf.

Contact us

13 rue de la Fontaine, 77700 SERRIS
+33 7 6001 3452